Challenger Division

Shenandoah County Challenger Division

Shenandoah County Challenger Division
Parents of children, boys and girls, in Shenandoah County with special needs (ie: ambulatory, non-ambulatory, autistic, deaf, blind, verbal, non-verbal, etc.) that preclude them from participating in a mainstream Little League program.

Challenger baseball offers your player an opportunity to participate in baseball, regardless of skill level- we tailor the game to your child’s abilities. We don’t count strikes and we don’t count outs. Everybody scores each inning and everybody wins. Each player gets the opportunity to play defense, bat, and score each inning. Being on the field is just one of the benefits resulting from playing Challenger Baseball -- socialization skills, friendship, teamwork, and a feeling of success and belonging are also recognized. Challenger is a two or three inning, non-competitive game.

For families, Challenger baseball offers camaraderie with other parents and siblings and a chance to cheer your special player and their teammates.

Our program will adapt to your child’s needs and circumstances to place them on an appropriate skill/age level team. We want to work with the parents for the child’s best interest.

We look forward to playing ball.